In the long and sometimes exhausting run of the marijuana debate, certain countries have given into the popularity of the drug. Our long-distance neighbor Australia has fully legalized the use of medical marijuana and has regulated international imports of the drug. Meanwhile, Spain allows people to use recreational marijuana in the privacy of their homes or at specific locations in the country. Now, after nearly a century of waiting, Canada has officially legalized recreational marijuana today, October 17, 2018. Whatever your perspective may be, you cannot deny that today will serve as a historically significant event for decades to come. Let’s take a look at the national legalization day in Canada.

Second in the World

After legalizing the drug today, Canada has officially earned its status as the second country to fully legalized marijuana (across all states and districts) after Uruguay. As a result, researchers have projected the Canadian economy will profit from this action, which results in the marijuana market skyrocketing to a $22.6 billion industry. Furthermore, this growth will result in the creation of 150,000 new jobs for Canadians.

As of October 17, adults over the age of 19 (or 18, as permitted in Quebec) will have the right to purchase flowers, buds, plants, seeds, and additional materials without any repercussions. Overall, Canadians can now hold 30 grams of the drug.

Setting up Plans

As we speak, millions of Canadians are celebrating the legalization of the drug. However, as these parties commence, critics are still lashing out at large-scale corporations, claiming these people are stripping the rights of the smaller producers away. As a result, the Canadian government will be attempting to help gray market members rise into the marijuana industry and debate about the criminal records previously held by some of these people.

Much like the NIMBY policy in the United States (and other countries), Canada has also split down the middle in terms of state government regulations. While Prime Minister Trudeau has legalized weed, jurisdictions from Quebec to British Columbia can freely make decisions about growing, producing, and selling the plant.

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