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Bath salts are a form of a synthetic cathinone, human-made stimulants that are designed to be chemically similar to the cathinone found in the khat plant. Like many synthetic substances or designer drugs, bath salts are typically many times more potent than the substance on which they are based. As they were specifically designed to avoid regulation, bath salts are sometimes sold at gas stations and convenience stores, though they can also be purchased online or in head shops.

The street name “bath salts” is derived from the resemblance of the drug’s crystals to Epsom salts, though they are typically sold in powder, capsule, or tablet form and are consumed orally or by snorting or injection.  Bath salts operate by stimulating the central nervous system, similar to methamphetamines, and can cause simultaneous hallucinations, even psychosis resulting primarily from sleep deprivation.

Bath salts are an incredibly dangerous substance and they do carry a risk of death. They have even been linked to cannibalism. If you have been using bath salts, or if you are concerned about a loved one’s use of that drug, you should speak with a certified addiction specialist right away.

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