According to scientific reports throughout the years, people who take hallucinogens experience a wide variety of visions and perceptions called hallucinations (which can border on traumatic). As doctors have pointed out, this reaction is due to the drugs’ ability to stimulate neural circuits in our brains (specifically the frontal cortex, which governs aspects like mood and cognition). Furthermore, scientists believe these drugs can also alter the performance of serotonin transmitters (unlike dissociative drugs, which tamper with glutamate production). The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) also reports that hallucinogens can alter portions of our brain that govern arousal, stress, fear, and panic. So, what exactly happens when you take these bizarre drugs? Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.

It Depends on the Person

As suggested by the drug’s name, people who consume hallucinogens will see, hear, and feel things that do not really exist but feel 100% real (hallucinations). After ingesting these drugs, the users will experience the full effects of the drugs after 20 to 90 minutes, and these bizarre trips can continue for another 12 hours afterward. So, what makes these drugs so scary? Unlike other drugs like cocaine or marijuana, you cannot predict what you will experience with hallucinogens at all. The trip depends on your mood, feelings, and health at the time you take the drugs. “Good trips” can involve arousing or positive imagery and sensations, while “bad trips” are nightmarish waking dreams that produce some images and feelings too terrifying to imagine.

The Effects of Hallucinogens

WHAT DO PEOPLE EXPERIENCE WHEN THEY TAKE HALLUCINOGENS?After experimenting with these drugs, some people will wisely turn away. On the other hand, some people may develop a severe dependency on these mind-altering drugs. Depending on how long they use hallucinogens, their bodies will start to adapt to these bizarre symptoms.

Here is a closer look at the short-term effects of hallucinogen use:

  • Vivid hallucinations
  • Intense extrasensory perception (colors brighten and sounds sharpen)
  • Synesthesia (“hearing” colors and “seeing” sound)
  • Inability to perceive time and space
  • Boost in heart rate
  • Nausea

Here is a closer look at the long-term effects:

  • Drug tolerance
  • Chemical dependency
  • Tolerance of hallucinations

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction

Hallucinogens are terrifying drugs that will warp your interpretations of reality. Simply put, these substances will only intensify your emotional state and can drive you to take dangerous actions. Are you suffering from a form of addiction (or abuse) and are frequently using these drugs? Do you have a family member or a close friend who is also frequently using these substances?

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