Adventure therapy, also known as wilderness therapy or activity-based psychotherapy, has become an increasingly popular treatment option for those struggling with substance abuse. As its name would suggest, adventure therapy is an experimental form of treatment that is designed to help patients overcome emotional issues, develop their inner strength, and learn new skills through their participation in a variety of different adventure activities.

While most adventure therapy programs involve outdoor activities like sailing, hiking, camping, and ropes courses, some activities like rock climbing or spelunking, can also be conducted indoors. One reason adventure therapy is considered to be an effective treatment for substance addiction is that these activities can act as a replacement for an addicted person’s desire to engage in high-risk behavior, allowing patients to take safe risks under the supervised care of a medical professional.

Adventure therapy may seem like a less intimidating form of addiction treatment, which may make it easier for an addicted individual to take the important step of enrolling in a treatment program. Addiction is a progressive disease that grows stronger over time, so avoiding delays in seeking treatment can be extremely beneficial to one’s recovery.

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