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When Alcoholics Anonymous was officially established in1935, the meetings were initially held at the home of co-creator Bill Wilson. As husbands attended the meetings with Bill, Bill’s wife Lois would gather with the other wives to discuss the stress their husbands’ alcoholism was causing them. By 1951, the wives’ meetings grew into the organization Al-anon. After several years, based on the issues raised and feedback received at Al-anon meetings, Alateen was established in 1957.

Alateen is a recovery group for children and teenagers, ages 9-19, who have been affected by the alcohol abuse of a friend or relative, to share their experiences, educate themselves on alcohol addiction, and learn how to improve their circumstances independent of the behavior of their loved one. Alateen meetings are led by an active Al-anon member who can relate to their experiences and provide useful guidance and support.

Alcoholism is a disease that affects the entire family and substance addiction is known to be a progressive disease that grows stronger and more difficult to treat as time goes by. If you think that you or someone you love might be developing an addiction to alcohol, you should speak to a certified addiction specialist at the earliest opportunity.

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