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Although not as well known as many other types of therapy, “cinema therapy,” also known as cinematherapy or movie therapy, was created more than two decades ago by the British psychotherapist Bernie Wooder and has been increasing in popularity ever since. Research has shown that cinema therapy can be a helpful technique to use in individual, group, and family therapy sessions, and it is seen as particularly effective as part of a couples counseling program.

While this may seem obvious, cinema therapy involves the watching of movies as directed by a therapist. The various themes and cinematic elements that comprise a film are believed to encourage personal reflection and foster the development of new perspectives. In addition, patients with difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings may find it beneficial to have a movie serve as a point of reference for discussion.

While the therapy works best when directed by a certified professional, movie therapy can be used as a self-help tool, and may even be a way to initiate a discussion about a loved one’s substance addiction and begin the very important treatment process.

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