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As its name might suggest, Palcohol is a powdered form of alcohol that was approved for sale by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau on March 10, 2015. The powder can be used to turn water, or other beverages, into an alcoholic drink; one package of Palcohol is considered to be the equivalent of one cocktail.

The lighter weight of the powder packages compared to alcohol bottles make it easier to carry around and less expensive to ship to other destinations. As such, Palcohol has been marketed as a convenience for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and business providing hospitality services, like airlines and hotels.

Nevertheless, because of its obvious potential for abuse, many states preemptively banned the sale of Palcohol before it had even been approved. Most of the concern is over the risks Palcohol poses to teens and young adults who may be interested in experimenting with this new product, but there is also significant concern that the powder will create new relapse temptations for recovering alcoholics and will make it easier for people to hide their alcohol use preventing them from getting the treatment they need.

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