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What To Expect – Couples Treatment The Pro’s & Con’s

What To Expect - Couples Treatment The Pro’s & Con’s

One of the most common questions we are asked at Asana Recovery is can a couple, who are both struggling with addiction seek treatment together.  The short answer is absolutely, anyone who is reaching out for help with their addiction should never be denied the help and assistance needed to overcome and live with the disease of addiction.  To help increase the odds of success, it is important to understand the Pro’s and Con’s of attending treatment together as well as a few screening questions that should be asked about the treatment program prior to admitting.  The information below should help with making the decision and ensuring that they find the right treatment for their particular need.

The first question that most treatment centers will want to know is how long has the couple been together and what are their using habits.  Is this a long term relationship, which may involve children or is this a new relationship? Does the couple use together, or does the couple have the same drug of choice?  Has there been a period in the relationship when they were not using? Is there any domestic abuse happening?  

As simple as these questions are, they play a factor in the recovery process and help provide the therapists with a better understanding of how to help.  In addition, it will help the couple have a better understanding of the right treatment for them regarding the Pro’s and Con’s of selecting the best treatment for them.

Here is what you can expect and some of the pro’s and con’s of attending the same treatment center.


  • Able to conduct couples therapy in-person
  • Able to see each other and provide support and encouragement
  • Generate additional connection points through a similar recovery journey and experience
  • Able to learn new tools and begin using the tools immediately
  • Ability to work on both individual recovery and couples recovery
  • Stay connected by day to day interaction and connection


  • If one partner isn’t as successful, they may drag their partner down
  • May not be able to gain space or distance which may be a challenge if one partner is looking to exit or decides to exit the relationship
  • Harder for an individual to get undivided attention and focus solely on their recovery

These are just a few of the Pro’s and Con’s of attending treatment together.  Each couple has their unique story and unique path to recovery so all aspects of attending together versus separate treatment is solely based upon their situation and specific needs.  

To learn more about what is the best treatment for your and your partner we encourage you to reach out to our Admissions Team to discuss your unique situation and if Asana Recovery is the right match for you.   Asana Recovery has multiple facilities and is able to accomodate couples and most of their unique needs whether it be to receive treatment on the same campus or to separate treatment with an occasional visit. Either way the most important aspect is if you are ready to start recovery, you take the first step forward, either alone or with your partner, we are here to help.


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