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As American continues to battle the onslaught of the Opioid Crisis, one question is definitely rattling through the minds of parents: how do I prevent my children from becoming the latest victims? Particularly in states like West Virginia and Ohio (epicenters for the epidemic), rates of addiction have steadily climbed over the past decade and do not show any sign of stopping. For that reason, men like Nate Plumley (a native of West Virginia) have dedicated their lives to becoming 4-H Healthy Living Ambassadors, individuals who tirelessly work to educate kids about the dangers of drugs. Let’s take a closer look at these people and find out what Mr. Plumley had to say about being a member.

Some Facts about 4-H Healthy Living

Overall, 4-H Healthy Living has been designed to empower youth and encourage them to maintain physical and psychological health. Likewise, the ultimate goal of the organization is to ensure that children can also make healthy decisions and pursue safe lifestyles (for themselves and for their communities) to become strong adults. Here is a closer look at the programs 4-H Healthy Living offers:

  • Mind: Resources to help America’s youth understand that the choices they make will impact their families, friends, and other members of the community. Programs cover bullying and the prevention of drug and alcohol use.
  • Body: 4-H also promotes the prospects of fitness and nutrition, coupled with the programs that prevent substance abuse and poor decision-making.
  • Mentorship & Leadership: Through 4-H, young participants are encouraged to become mentors to their peers and associates and role models for health and fitness.

Words from a 4-H Healthy Living Ambassador

In a recent interview with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for Teens, West Virginia resident Nate Plumley discusses the benefits of being a 4-H Healthy Living Ambassador. Ultimately, he was inspired to join out of a desire to be a positive influence on his peers to prevent future problems with bad behavior (which he has frequently witnessed). During his time as a 4-H Ambassador, Plumley taught Health Rocks! ® courses to help children understand the dangers of tobacco and also operated booths for WVU for the State Fair of West Virginia.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism

Drug addiction and alcoholism are dangerous mental illnesses that not only wreak havoc on a victim’s private life but can also drive a wedge into a perfect reputation. Even more frightening, you will not know if you are an addict unless you take one shot of alcohol or pop that first pill. Like any mechanical breakdown, though, you can easily patch yourself up and continue the trek uphill to freedom. However, with the right mixture of perseverance and determination, you can easily get back on track and be happy once more.

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