What better place to share illegal and harmful drugs than a social gathering? As the school year takes its best turn, students are preparing for the homecoming celebration. This is time to make impressions, to cheer for your school’s football team, and to prepare for the late night dance. However, another trend that could take effect during this happy time is, unfortunately, not particularly happy or worth celebrating. During homecoming, some teenagers may take drugs (or consume alcohol) in excessive amounts. Here are some important red flags to consider as the biggest party of the school year approaches.

Social Impact

Despite what people may falsely tell you, taking drugs is not an escape and cannot improve your “coolness factor.” Homecoming is a time for celebrating and making friends, not bringing pain and suffering into your life. Consider these warnings as you prepare for these events:

  • Taking Memories, Not Making Them: Taking drugs drastically alters human perception, mood, and memory. Once a substance is consumed, a student may not partake in fun events and. Drugs ruin relationships.
  • Embarrassment: Teenagers deal with social struggles and mood swings without the aid of drugs in their system. Imagine how humiliating it would be for a boy or girl to be remembered as the person who acted irrationally or crudely during homecoming.
  • Severe Repercussions: Students who take drugs are liable to be expelled from school or (in the worst case scenario) arrested. No teens want to have that stain the memory of homecoming.
  • DUI: Drugs like marijuana and prescription medications can severely impair your perceptions of reality. In one turn of the wheel, a car can turn into a death trap, or a teen can inadvertently inflict harm on an unsuspecting victim.
  • Overdose: Taking too many drugs can result in bouts of sickness, which can potentially ruin a teen’s evening at homecoming. However, excessive consumption can also induce a violent overdose or even result in death.

Drugs Just Aren’t Worth It

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DRUG USE DURING HOMECOMINGA teenager may be tempted to take drugs to increase happiness, but drugs (no matter which way they are advertised and marketed) are not cool. By consuming a potentially dangerous substance, these young people are putting themselves at risk for severe repercussions ranging from social awkwardness to violent side effects including overdose and DUI.

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