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What You Need to Know About Fingernail Drug Testing


If you were to wander on the street and ask random people about drug testing, they would probably mention urine, blood, saliva, or (to an extent) hair follicle inspections. After all, we are all familiar with a potential employer asking you to donate a sample of your bodily fluids for inspection just to make sure nothing toxic is pouring through your veins. So, have you ever heard of fingernail drug testing? Most likely, this is brand new information for you. After all, why would the clippings from thick, dead skin provide insight into potential drug abuse or addiction? We have only one word for you: proteins. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about fingernail drug testing.

Porous Drug Sponges

Like your hair, fingernails and toenails are built from keratinized proteins. They tend to be a little porous and soft, making them the perfect nesting ground for drug byproducts. Ultimately, these substances can become integrated in nail fibers through three ways:

  • Drugs flow through the bloodstream and are embedded in the nail root.
  • Sweat and oil (produced by the skin) secrete the toxins into the nail.
  • Handling drugs can result in absorption into the porous nail proteins.

Based on reports, the window of opportunity for scanning nails varies, with fingernails having a 3-6-month window and toenails having a time of 8-14 months (due to the fact that toenails take a longer time to grow than fingernails). As part of the analysis, an official will clip 2 to 3 centimeters of each nail (resulting in a 100-milligram sample) and run an immunoassay.

Alternative to Hair Testing

So why do doctors and officials prefer nail testing versus hair testing? First off, not everyone has the amount of hair required for test of this nature, making nail testing a universal alternative. Likewise, researchers are concerned that melanin (a dark pigment) could create a color bias in hair testing (not a problem for plain-colored nails). Also, nail testing does not breach a subject’s privacy and is much quicker and easier.

Nevertheless, these tests still have complications. Nails are in a continuous state of growth, which can be a bother to scientists who seek to determine when drug use began.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction   

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