The difficulties that come with withdrawal

Anytime you experience withdrawal symptoms you need to seek treatment from a professional that can help you medically and provide the proper supervision.  Any time that you start your recovery with medically supervised detox, you will get a safe, support and initial tools you need to get free from addiction.  When an addict goes through withdrawal, it is very dangerous, because the body is letting them know they need it and it is craving for it. Because of the dangers, it does produce, treatment should always start with medically supervised detox or the professional supervision of a Doctor.


  • Dangers of Withdrawal can be deadly.  Prescription sedative, alcohol, and stimulant withdrawal can be life-threatening.
  • Withdrawal symptoms can be sudden and unpredictable.  An individual can experience episodes of delirium, sudden and severe shakes or tremors and they cannot be predicted.
  • Some of the withdrawal symptoms can go on for a lifetime.  Depression is a common symptom and the severity varies between each individual and other mental disorders can occur.  The depression needs to dealt with medically for comfort and a successful recovery.


Relapse and Withdrawal

As was mentioned above, it is much safer for an individual to go through medically supervised detox in a treatment facility rather than to do it at home.  A facility will decrease the chance of having a relapse. If they do relapse back to their drug of choice while they withdrawal they usually do not have the same tolerance and they take to much of the drug and withdrawal.


Supervised Detox Works

Medically supervised detox is a great way to start your recovery and it will make your transition to be clean a comfortable one.  This can help an individual get into outpatient rehabilitation with a positive outlook and see there is the life free from drugs and alcohol.  The safety that it provides the patient when going through withdrawal symptoms and a comfort for those family members and loved ones who know they are in good hands.

Detox and Rehabilitation for Opioid Addicts

Making a decision on a Medically supervised facility

The decision of which program to decide can come down to financial resources, time off of work if able(to stay in a residential treatment facility), the location of the facility and what plan of action the facility will have for the patient once they have finished the detox process.  Depending on the severity, the treatment that follows should work in conjunction with what has already been put in place. It is recommended that an individual start recovery away from their current living environment.  So they do not have the resources to leave or be influenced to leave can have an impact as well. You must also put your trust and faith into the facility you put your loved one into for treatment. They will put the patient into an individualized treatment plan and put in place the tools they will need for future success.

At Asana Recovery, we provide a comprehensive treatment program to people with substance abuse issues.  Each program is designed to the particular needs of each client so they can receive the help they need and deserve.  Ask your company to contact us today at 949-438-4504.



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