After years of drug abuse, it can often be difficult for an addict and their family to look back and remember where the addiction started. In cases of alcohol abuse, since most people drink it can be even more difficult to notice the early signs of addiction before it’s too late.  Addiction starts for many different reasons, most of which are out of the addicts or anyone’s control. It is important to understand what are the most common reasons for people to turn to drugs as knowing the warning signs can help combat addiction before it starts. All of these reasons might not apply to every person as each case of addiction is different in their own way; however, it is still essential to understand the more common reasons people develop addictions

Mental Illness and Past Trauma

WHERE DOES ADDICTION STARTA lot of drug illness steam from a pre-existing mental illness or past trauma that haunts the victim through their life, and sometimes it’s even a combination of the two. Drugs offer instant relief from the problems that plague a person suffering from mental illness or trauma compared to therapy, which provides a longer lasting solution, but takes more time. Suffers may start taking drugs for the relief it gives them, but soon after they begin taking that drug, they will likely become addicted, merely trading one problem for another. 

Effects of Peer Pressure

The reason most young people turn to drugs or alcohol is the peer pressure that people their age put on them. Young people are still trying to find themselves, and it can feel very isolating to be confused and scared about who you are and who you will become. Because of this isolation teens tend to value the opinions of others, particularly their peers more than anyone else. So when some of their peers offer them drugs with the promise of acceptance into their social group, they will jump at the chance. When a young person makes this deal, it might start off with light drinking, but as they keep indulging their addiction will grow until they start taking harder drugs, not for the acceptance but because their body needs the drug to function. 

How Pain Leads to Addiction

When someone is hospitalized with a severe injury the doctors will give them medical narcotics to help alleviate the pain while they are in recovery. While these drugs are given out in small doses that can be controlled by a medical professional, opioids and painkillers are highly addictive to the point that even after recovery many patients will keep taking them to get high. In some extreme cases, addicts have been known to cause themselves physical injury in order to get more access to drugs.

California Addiction Treatment

Knowing the warning signs of drug addiction can help an addict or their family get the help they need before the addiction grows even worse. If the addiction has risen to the point where detox and recovery are needed, then Asana Recovery is here to help. Our caring and experienced staff are ready to help recovering addicts on their path to a sober life by guiding them through the recovery and detox program with support and advice. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction don’t wait any longer, visit us at Asana Recovery today.