Needless to say, we have seen some pretty outrageous and disturbing events that have played out during the Opioid Crisis. From police dogs sniffing dangerous painkillers to children suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome, this deadly public health epidemic seems to have no boundaries. Stemming from a majority of drugs that are 100% illegal, the Opioid Crisis is ironically (like the illness stemming from it) one of the most easily preventable issues in our country, yet it continues to wreak havoc wherever its minion drugs turn up. Still, we could not have predicted everything. So, why have opioid addicts started abusing OTC diarrhea drugs? Let’s take a look at this disturbing new trend and find out some more information.

Opioids for Pain, Opioids for Constipation

In the wake of the rise in opioid abuse and addiction in the U.S., more people are purchasing large quantities of drugs for constipation and diarrhea, due to the simple fact that opioids are notorious for inducing painful bowel blockages. In an ironic twist, the only drug that effectively stops opioid-induced constipation Loperamide, an opioid known by the brand name Imodium. Although this is typically a harmless medication for bowel problems, Loperamide has been in the hotseat of recent cases of (as strange as this sounds) diarrhea drug overdoses.

Why is this the case? As sources indicate, Loperamide is harmless when taken as directed. However, if a person takes more than the required dose, they can potentially ease current opioid withdrawal symptoms and (as surprising as this may seem) induce a Loperamide “high.”

Flooding the Engines

WHY ARE OPIOID ADDICTS ABUSING OTC DIARRHEA DRUGS?Traditional opioids are unique in that they immediately reach the brain and warp its chemistry. Overall, Loperamide does not react in this way. Still, this diarrhea medication can overflow the body if it is taken in unsafe quantities. In the case of a Loperamide overdose, the effects of the original opioids will diminish. Given the fact that this drug abuse case is relatively new, however, scientists have not been able to fully determine the string of symptoms associated with a Loperamide overdose.

Seeking Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

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