Back in 2017, on a regular Friday afternoon in the month of May, the Canadian Government subtly released some interesting news about its cannabis market. According to sources, lawmakers were completely reforming the testing process for unauthorized pesticides in marijuana cultivation. In a more progressive approach, producers licensed by Canada would be subjected to testing for all types of cannabis products. Keep in mind that, while the federal government initially did not want to move forward with this action, an endless string of failed tests and consumer complaints prompted lawmakers to instigate this new ruling. At this time, the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) approved a total of 20 pesticides that can be used in the production of pot. Even more interesting, these pesticides are 100% biological (including bugs, fungi, and bacteria). Let’s take a closer look at this situation and find out more.

Keep Things Clean

As an example, at the store 7Acres (a subsidiary of Supreme Cannabis), pest control measures start before the plants and products reach the assembly line. In a fun twist, the company has zoned its entire facility, starting with the front door, labeled as Zone 1 (a highly contaminated sector). Aside from the video game feel, the entire purpose of this building is to keep plants safe and germ-free from the get-go so, ultimately, patients and regular consumers will be germ-free. In fact, 7Acres has received critical acclaim for its triple benefits of water retention, drainage, and aeration. According to Upeksha Nanayakkara (quality assurance member at 7Acres) has confirmed that the company’s plants are 100% pesticide free, and they wish for customers to understand this.

All about Biocontrol

WHY CANADIAN GROWERS ARE USING BIOLOGICAL PESTICIDES FOR MARIJUANA CULTIVATIONMuch like the industry and ensuing studies on the little green plant, scientists’ understanding of diseases, pesticides, and germ control for marijuana is still evolving. After joining the industry in 2015, Nanayakkara explained that many farmers did not understand how to tend to their cannabis crop and were spraying the plants with pesticides that farmers used on more common crops. While biocontrols are harmless to the plant, pest control is another issue altogether.

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