Regardless of what popular culture and media might relate, the simple truth is that women and men and psychologically and physically different. As a result, they react to foods, drinks, and (most importantly) chemicals differently. For example, research has confirmed time and time again that women have less body fluid than men, who (as a result) can metabolize larger quantities of alcohol over their feminine counterparts. The same statistics hold for marijuana, as a recent study shows. Scientists have revealed that a key hormone plays a crucial role in determining how human beings react to the drug, and the details are very thought-provoking. Let’s take a closer look at why women cannot process weed like men.

Oh, Rats!

WHY MEN CAN PROCESS MARIJUANA BETTER THAN WOMENDifferences in sex are deeply grounded in our tissue, even in the neural network of our brains. For many years, scientists have utilized male rodents for cannabis research (pre-clinical) to ensure fluctuating hormones did not impede calculations. Now, after additional experiments with the opposite gender, researchers have discovered that the interactions between marijuana and the endocannabinoid system in the male and female brains are strikingly different.

Basically, females are more sensitive than men, on multiple levels. For example, a woman who smokes cannabis for pain management will experience stronger results than a man consuming cannabis for the same reason. Likewise, the drug has been revealed to stimulate sexual desires in females (versus males). However, this higher sensitivity to the drug means that women are more likely to have a frightening or intense high during their experience with marijuana.

Even more interesting, scientists believe this is a reason why women are more likely to develop a cannabis use disorder than men. The CB1 receptors in the female brain are more attuned and sensitive, thus the messages pass along a stronger frequency in the brain.

“E” is for “Estrogen” 

So, what is the reason a woman cannot process cannabis so beautifully? One word solves this debate: estrogen, the ever-changing, rapid-fire hormone that is singularly female. In parts of a woman’s brain, her CB1 receptor channels will shift with the onset of fluctuations in estrogen. Ultimately, when you add THC to the mix (especially when the estrogen is at maximum levels), the results can be explosive.

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