Each of us is aware of how crafty alcoholics and alcohol abusers can be as they attempt to hide their dangerous habits (which you will fully understand if you have been in the same boat). In movies, we have seen the classic move of hiding a flask of liquor in a coat pocket or emptying vodka into a glass soda bottle. Some people may even stir hard alcohol into their morning coffee to mask the flavor and acrid smell. However, did you know that some alcohol-infused products are hiding in plain site and, even worse, are possibly within your children’s reaches? Just ask police who pulled over a woman for being drunk on vanilla extract. Let’s take a closer look at the incident and find out why you need to keep this food product as far away from your underage children as possible.

Driving under the Influence of Vanilla

In January 2019, police officers in New Canaan, Connecticut responded to a call about a 50-year old woman who had been speeding down a roadway. After arriving at the scene, the officers attempted to speak with the woman, whose speech was unintelligible and slurred. The police confirmed her breath carried a vanilla fragrance, and (as predicted) they found several bottles of the food additive in the back of her vehicle. Afterward, the woman failed a field sobriety test and refused a blood-alcohol test, resulting in some time in jail (and a bail set at $250).

Vanilla and Captain Morgan

WHY PARENTS SHOULD KEEP AN EYE ON VANILLA EXTRACTIf you are confused, we do not blame you. After all, how are you supposed to believe that vanilla (a key ingredient in chocolate chip cookies) could ever trigger a DUI? The fact of the matter is quite shocking.

Based on guidelines set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a standard bottle of vanilla extract must contain 35% alcohol (70 proof). In this sense, one bottle of this additive has the same proof as Captain Morgan and is just a little weaker than Smirnoff and Jameson. Even McCormick’s brand vanilla contains 46% alcohol (82 proof). Although the booze typically burns away during baking, vanilla is still a popular go-to source for booze, especially among teenagers.

So, you might want to keep a tighter grip on that bottle the next time you bake cookies with your little ones.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Alcohol is certainly the last item you would expect to see in a recipe for chocolate chip cookies or other child-friendly desserts, but the fact of the matter is that this substance is still necessary for baking. As we have seen, though, people who suffer from alcoholism or alcohol abuse will go to any lengths to continue their unhealthy habits, even if that means downing a few bottles of vanilla.

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