For a moment, imagine if you have a family member or a loved one who has become the victim of the severe mental disorder called schizophrenia. People suffering from this debilitating and crippling illness will experience delusion and hallucinations and will involuntarily create barriers with the outside world. In this case, the mind is literally a prison. Unusually, schizophrenia can also lead to drug addiction and substance abuse. Recent studies have shown that these people are drawn to nicotine more than the general population of the United States (75-90% over 25-30%). Interestingly, additional research has found a connection between schizophrenics and another drug consumed via smoking: marijuana. Let’s take a look and see why these patients are drawn to this mind-altering drug.

Initial Findings

Published in Nature Neuroscience, a recent study proposed that individuals who can potentially develop schizophrenia have a higher chance (no pun intended) of using marijuana as a form of self-medication (or to cope with symptoms). Supported by 80 researchers hailing from locations across the globe, this report constituted the largest study about cannabis and genetics ever conducted.

As part of the study, scientists may have identified a genetic correlation between schizophrenics and marijuana. Rather than marijuana inducing the illness (as believed in earlier years), the study has revealed that early-onset schizophrenia can lead to a higher risk of developing an attraction to the drug. In correlation, this same study revealed additional genetic ties between marijuana use and positive behavior including:

  • Risk-taking
  • Love of experience
  • A desire to achieve education
  • Earning higher household income

Previous Studies

Overall, the Nature Neuroscience study involved genetic testing of an estimated 184,000 people (including 22,000 clients from the health company 23andMe). Supervised by the International Cannabis Consortium, the project confirmed (to an extent) that teens and young adults who use marijuana will not develop a form of schizophrenia. Instead, the drug could potentially stimulate symptoms that are already in the process of emerging. Even more disturbing, early-onset marijuana is much harder to manage than adult-onset marijuana.

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