As the Opioid Crisis continues to wreak havoc on the United States, you might start to feel a little more terrified about undergoing a lifesaving medical procedure. However, this anxiety most likely doesn’t stem from the procedure itself but from the medications you may be prescribed. Ultimately, opioids are a very complex medication to tackle, since they are both beneficial and highly dangerous at once. With one single pill, a person is potentially putting their life at risk for abuse and addiction. So, while some of us can endure the pain from a surgical procedure, what about people who suffer from chronic pain? Is there an alternative medication for them? According to a recent study, some physicians firmly believe so. Let’s take a closer look at why these doctors are prescribing sugar pills to chronic pain patients.

A Welcoming, Ready Brain

In a recent study, scientists from Northwestern Medicine have determined that they can accurately predict which chronic pain patients will positively respond to sugar pills based on two factors: brain anatomy and chemistry. According to A. Vania Apkarian (of the Northwestern University School of Medicine), these brains are already hardwired to respond to medication, a cognitive state that would allow them to be open to persuasion. In other words, doctors can give them the pills (telling them the medication will take the pain away), and these people will experience relief. “Tricking the brain” is a more appropriate phrase.

A Cleaner Approach to Studies

WHY SOME DOCTORS ARE PRESCRIBING SUGAR PILLS TO CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTSAs Apkarian additionally explains, when patients receive these sugar pills, they are so convinced medications will help them heal that their brains will numb the pain (a phenomenon called the placebo effect). There is a legitimate biological response to placebos that is absolutely astonishing. Overall, the Northwestern study could benefit the medical field by:

  • Prescribing non-active, safe drugs instead of deadly opioids
  • Removing the placebo effect from drug studies (to a degree)
  • Slicing health care costs in half

Seeking Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

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