Although quitting cigarettes might be one of the most important decisions you ever make, your experience during withdrawal will certainly be among the most uncomfortable times of your life. Imagine waking up every morning and not satisfying your burdensome cravings for a cigarette. Later, you suffer from night sweats, anxiety, and irritability at an overbearing level. However, you may also have one question about your withdrawal from tobacco: will I suffer from constipation? In the end, we can definitely tell you that you will suffer from digestive problems during this time, but these issues will not last too long. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect during this unpleasant time.

Additional Triggers for Constipation

WILL SMOKERS EXPERIENCE CONSTIPATION DURING WITHDRAWAL?Remember that tobacco might not be the single cause of your constipation, especially if you are taking other drugs for your withdrawal. Two quit aids called Chantix and Zyban list nausea and constipation as potential side effects. Overall, you may want to check in with your doctor if your bowel problems continue to plague you.

Are You Eating That?

In many cases, smokers will start eating more a certain kind of food while they are coping with the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. This activity stems from a smoker’s urge to use his or her hands and find a replacement for a cigarette. Unfortunately, not all the foods that smokers consume during this time are healthy. Check your daily intake and see if you are ingesting too much junk food, a major cause of constipation, and add healthier foods to your diet. Also, drink plenty of water.

I’m So Spazzed!

Of course, one of the biggest contributors to constipation is an overload of stress. Although cessation of smoking will bring incredible peace to your life, the period in-between is fraught with tense moments. Though it may sound odd, when you become stressed and experience fight-or-flight sensations, your parasympathetic nervous system communicates with the enteric nervous system in your gastrointestinal tract and causes colon spasms (yes, your gut has its own nervous system). Your emotions can literally be a major inconvenience for your digestive system, resulting in bowel problems. Consider meditation, deep breathing, a hot bath, reading, or any other activities that will curb that pesky stress and anxiety.

Seeking Treatment for Cigarette Use

Remember that addiction can be triggered by one shot of alcohol or a single puff of a cigarette, but the true danger of this sickness is that you cannot fully determine how much you have to consume before your mind forms an attachment. Social smoking is just as dangerous as chronic smoking, on many levels, but you do not have to smoke to have a good time. Remember, drugs cannot determine if you have fun and do not have control over your life.

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