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Since his first appearance in the ring over 20 years ago, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has pretty much become a household name. The hero of little boys and a heartthrob for women, the big man has become the archetype for the tough guy with the pretty boy face, but his amazing attitude outside the ring and off camera has cemented his respect from the public. From his work at the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) to his on-screen work in The Fast and the Furious franchise and his voiceover work in Moana (Disney), The Rock has continued to wow audiences both young and old. So, you can imagine that it was a very brave move for Dwayne Johnson to explain his dabbling in steroid use. However, his story offers more insight than you would think. Let’s take a closer look at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s story about steroid use.

Amateur Use

In an interview with MTV, Johnson admitted to experimenting with steroids during his late teenage years, when he was 18 to 19 years old. According to the pro-wrestler, he and his friends experimented with the performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) but were not aware of how dangerous they really were. Simply put, they were like children experimenting with cigarettes or marijuana. While the behavior is dangerous, their intent certainly was not.

Overall, Johnson has confirmed the incident was “isolated,” and he has never used these drugs since that time. In fact, the former Superstar reinforced that anabolic steroids put a damper on performance and do not make you a stronger person. So how does the Rock stay pumped?

The answer is simple: good, old-fashioned weightlifting and diet.

Descended from Titans

While you could easily claim that his physique is the product of steroid use, you should remember that Johnson himself comes from a long line of large, powerful people. The latest in the Anoa’i Family line, Johnson is the son of wrestling legend Alan “Rocky” Johnson and the grandson of Peter Maivia, so you can probably start to see why he is such a powerful man.

However, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson admitting to steroid use is nothing new in the World Wrestling Entertainment environment. After all, we have seen our fair share of Superstars like Edge come out as steroid users, but we have also seen our share of tragedy. In fact, the late Eddie Guerrero still serves as an example of how anabolic steroids and hormone cocktails can kill a person.

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