heroin use in the united states

The heroin epidemic has tormented the United States since the early 2000s, with some cities being struck harder than others. Heroin is a very powerful, dangerous drug that causes detrimental physical and psychological effects. Below is a list of the top 3 cities in the U.S. where heroin use has proved to be the most prevalent.

3) Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is one of the worst cities for heroin in the United States, with 3.3% of the population having used heroin in 2017. That’s a whopping 27,200 people. 

As the state’s epicenter, Columbus has more heroin than the rural parts of the state. Three people die every day from heroin in Ohio—27 weekly—and a majority of those are in Columbus. 

Even the overdoses that don’t happen in Columbus often originate there, since that’s where much of the state’s heroin is sold. 

2) Indianapolis, Indiana 

In Indianapolis, 3.4% of the population used heroin in 2017. 

Interestingly, more than half of the city’s heroin use is concentrated in the poorest and most crime ridden 5% of the city. Half of the city’s EMT calls for drug overdoses come from the same small part of the city.

Deaths from collateral damage are a problem in Indianapolis. In August 2019, a car accident totaled 11 vehicles, injured over a dozen people, and killed an elderly married couple. The man behind the wheel had snorted heroin right before getting in the car. 

In 2019, the epidemic is in full swing in Indianapolis. Multiple drug raids took place in January and February, busting 15 residences and serving 20 indictments. 

1) Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is the heroin capital of the United States in 2019, with 3.4% of the population using heroin—over 15,000 people.

An undercover police sergeant for the Nebraska police force says that the biggest problem with heroin in Omaha is that it’s not always just heroin that you’re getting. 

Fentanyl is very prevalent in Omaha as of 2019, and a bad batch of heroin could be spiked. This drug is 100 times as potent as heroin, therefore as a result, contamination causes many overdose deaths. 

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