Alcohol consumption can be a harmless social activity when done in moderation and at healthy volumes. It can be used for celebratory purposes and poses no threat when enjoyed responsibly. However, many people succumb to the trap of excess; hence the danger begins, also known as, alcohol abuse. 


Alcohol abuse is defined as a drinking habit or pattern that extends to and destroys, every area of your life. It causes a steady deterioration of physical, mental, emotional, and social health. This disease also causes dependency on the harmful substance, resulting in increased consumption as well as a loss of control over daily intake. 


There are many symptoms that are clear indicators of a person suffering from this condition, including but not limited to:


  • As a woman, you are consuming 7+ alcoholic beverages per week and 3+ per occasion 
  • As a man, you are consuming 14+ alcoholic beverages per week and 4+ per occasion 
  • Negative changes in behavior (violence, loss of temper, etc.)
  • Inability to stop drinking once started
  • Recognizing the need to decrease the amount consumed
  • Attempts to cut back but unable to follow through
  • Non-acceptance of others’ perception/criticism of your drinking frequency


Commonly, alcoholism ensnares those who have an inward problem that they believe the alcohol will fix. It is often a result of being used as a coping mechanism, falling victim to social pressure, family history of alcohol abuse, depression, or many other factors. In reality, this addiction does everything but solve dilemmas; more often than not lives are destroyed and relationships are greatly impacted and ruined. Overall, the abuse of alcohol contributes to a downward spiral in each aspect of your well being, causing long term damage not only to yourself but those around you.


At Asana Recovery, the need for special, individualized attention for everyone suffering addiction is deeply cared for and recognized. 

Though others may place blame on the end of the victim, or believe that it can be healed by one’s self, rehabilitation centers and programs are an asset in breaking the cycle of dependency. Though the path to recovery may not be ideal or easy, it is not impossible and can be conquered with the correct support system. Processes of counseling along with personal care, are of great help in identifying the psychological triggers that lead you down the road of addiction in the first place. Aside from receiving treatment, this will also aid in implementing more beneficial future practices, to deal with life’s stresses in a non-toxic manner. 


The in house treatment and monitored detoxification programs at Asana Recovery are provided in an encouraging, understanding environment. We are seriously and passionately devoted to seeing you through to life long recovery, while also leading you to a lifestyle that is happier and healthier. Don’t wait for tomorrow, as we’re always available to consult with you. Give us a call at (949) 438-4504 to receive more information about our in-depth alcohol and drug addiction treatment program today. 


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