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Psilocybin, better known as ‘magic mushrooms’ or ‘shrooms’, is found in the stems and caps of certain mushrooms. It is one of the most popular illicit psychedelics. This drug can be smoked, sniffed, or injected. The effects of these alternative methods appear much quicker than through oral consumption. 

Within half an hour of swallowing shrooms, your gut absorbs it and your liver begins to process it. ‘First-pass’ metabolism reduces the concentration of the drug before it circulates around your system. Body and brain effects soon occur. Hallucinogenic effects peak about 90 minutes post consumption and can be felt for up to six hours. In some cases, lasting effects linger for multiple days. A “trip” might end, but that doesn’t mean that the shrooms have fully left your body. 

  • Shroom Detection in Laboratory Tests

This depends on the type of test that is done. Biological samples such as urine, blood, saliva and hair usually work with different time-frames. Where an initial result is positive, a second lab test is used to confirm the result.

  • Shroom Detection in Urine

If testing for shrooms is necessary, urine tests are usually conducted. Shrooms can stay in urine for 24 to 48 hours after the last time taken. With frequent consumption, the substance is detectable up to three days after the last dose. 

  • Shroom Detection in Blood

Shrooms are detectable in blood within 30 minutes of ingestion. The substance remains in your blood for less than 24 hours. Coupled with the invasiveness of a blood test, the short window of detection explains why this procedure is rarely used to test for shrooms.

  • Shrooms Detection in Hair

In general, it takes about a week for a drug to show up in hair growth. And substances are detectable in hair follicles for up to 90 days. Only small amounts of psilocybin typically enter the system. So, in order to find traces of the substance, more hair is required for testing than for other drugs.

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