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Play Video about The Traumatic History of Carrie Fisher's Drug Addiction

Needless to say, the entire world fell in silence after learning that Carrie Fisher died. Cementing her role among film lovers for her portrayal of Princess Leia Organa-Solo in the Star Wars franchise, the iconic actress left a positive mark on many generations who would come to adore her sassy spunk and her gritty determination. However, beyond the silver screen, Fisher suffered from her private intergalactic battle (inside her mind). For decades, Hollywood tabloids and newspapers reported about her extreme comorbid cases of alcohol and drug use, which ultimately led to her tragic death in 2016. So, how did this culminate in one dark circle? Let’s take a closer look at the traumatic history of Carrie Fisher’s severe drug addiction.

Opening Her Heart to the World

Born to actress Debbie Reynolds and actor Eddie Fisher, Carrie initially grew up in a “Tinseltown household” and pretty much epitomized the Hollywood child. Ultimately, she was reserved to exclusive celebrity circles. She easily rose to fame due to her parents’ influence. However, Fisher was always willing to drop down to humble branches to discuss her problems with bipolar disorder and subsequent manic attacks. At one point during her life, the actress spoke about her 45-year battle with drug addiction and alcoholism and explained how she believed opioids calmed down her bipolar attacks. In one story, she even described an event where her stomach had to be pumped.

Seeking Relief in the Wrong Places

Throughout Carrie Fisher’s drug addiction and her frequent bouts of rehab, Fisher was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She even wrote about the experience in her novel Postcards from the Edge. Initially, the actress attempted to use writing as a means of coping with her addiction and finding an alternative route. At one point, she started living a normal life.

However, in a disturbing prediction for her future, Fisher claimed that she would never receive the Hollywood ending. On December 23, 2016, on a flight from London to Los Angeles, she stopped breathing and vomited severely. Ultimately, she passed out and was transported to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Sadly this is where she passed away four days later. (A subsequent coroner’s report revealed Fisher had, at some point prior to her death, consumed cocaine, alcohol, heroin, and ecstasy.)

If anything, our Princess Leia taught us that anything is possible if we put our mind to it. Her honesty about her addiction was nothing short of admirable, and she will always be remembered for her beauty and strength.

Drug Rehab in Orange County

Throughout history, many wonderful people have been claimed by dangerous drugs. Unfortunately, hundreds more are dying as a result of overdoses each year. However, you do not have to be among the casualties of the Opioid Crisis, crystal meth scares, or additional drug-related incidences poisoning our country. You can take a stand and overcome your mental illness. With the right amount of perseverance, patience, and love, anything is possible.

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